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Welcome! I am Bastet, a real female Abyssinian cat born in La Mesa, California in July 1989. My friends call me "Bast" or "The Bast." I am named after the ancient Egyptian cat goddess. (The Egyptians knew how to treat their cats!) This is my cyberspace home, appropriately accessible at http://bastet.net. In the photograph below, I am the one standing next to my silver-gray Russian Blue friend, Itty Bitty.


Above, you see me on the windowsill of the house I used to live in near San Diego, California, USA. Since I was not allowed to run around outside, I spent considerable time at the windows enjoying the spectacular view.

Bastet and Spot March 1992

Here you see me in March 1992 with my last kitten and the only male I ever gave birth to, Spot. He was the only surviving kitten in my third litter.

The photograph directly above is a soft focus Polaroid instant picture of me as a kitten at the Southern California home. On the left in the background is the silhouette of Puma, another feline member of the household.

In the photograph above, I am dressed for the holidays at Christmas 1997 in my new home in the Inland Northwest.

Please visit my site here at http://bastet.net again soon, as my friends plan to expand it, adding more photos and links and other things to make your return visit worthwhile.

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